Friday, 4 July 2014


A maior entidade empresarial da Turquia, TUSAID, fez um estudo interessante sobre o futuro das entidades empresariais onde escrevi o capítulo sobre Brasil Changing Roles & Functions of Business Organizations in the Process of Globalization TUSIAD • 1 de fevereiro de 2014 Autores: Abdullah Akyüz, Peter Rashish, Kiran Pasricha, Bernhard Welschke, stefan salej Ever accelerating, multiplying and expanding technological progress and increasing globalization are causing a significant transformation worldwide. The resulting situation requires business organizations to change, to abandon some of their traditional functions and adopt new ones. This study does not limit itself to Turkey and the Turkish business community; it considers business organizations in the European Union, United States, Brazil and India as well, and aims at developing a "global" perspective on the impact of globalization upon business organizations. This report is a product of a team effort. Abdullah Akyuz has served as the lead author of the report. He was in charge of the overall coordination, the writing of all the general sections as well as the chapter on Turkey. The other four chapters on four countries/regions have been authored by the contributors. The EU chapter is written by Bernhard Welschke, USA chapter by Peter S. Rashish, Brazil chapter by Stefan Bogdan Salej, and India chapter by Kiran Pasricha. The authors are responsible solely for the sections they authored. © 2012, LinkedIn Corporation

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  1. Fairly deep and interesting chapter covering brazilian business organizations history and present difficulties. From a mere "utility player" viewpoint, dare to add that the main culprit hides in local culture. It takes ages to change....
    Good initiative.